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ep 215. "beepers and leg tacos"

The Judgement Night soundtrack isn't as good as you remember. We discuss a building scaling raccoon, great comedians who never made a great movie, Sir Mix A Lot's Beepers, old answering machine messages, the newest sexual predator Jamie Foxx, and a guy who fed his friends tacos made out of his own leg meat.

ep 214. "juggalo 7"

Yeah, we're still doing shows. We discuss Elisabeth Shue, being bad at relationships, celebrity suicides, how Daily will die, why famous crazy people shouldn't have Twitter, and the best Quentin Tarantino film.


ep 213. "free nails"

I guess the sexual predator gang needed a narrator. We discuss Evil Genius, Lenny Dykstra pulling a gun on an Uber driver, Morgan Freeman's allegations, a vagina potato, and a woman who served her ex to her neighbors at a bbq

ep 212. "public pooping and dust off"

Daily's Amy Grant obsession continues. We discuss if Black Panther was over-hyped, A poop throwing Canadian, a lottery winner getting revenge on his ex-boss, bandwagon jumpers, 24k gold chicken wings, if octopuses are aliens, huffing Dust Off, and a gun wielding grocery shopper.

ep 211. "dental dam and the end of the world"

This episode isn't really about Dental Dam it just sounded good. We discuss a homeless man's perplexing sign, the fall of Will Smith, an off the rails politician, a crazy girl who loves to text, and how we would act if the world was ending.

ep 210. "ahi5's party 'til you die or: the pope is on the dark web"

We're all just pregaming for our own funeral. We discuss if comic book movies are actually good movies, the bad luck of past Superman actors, a 104 year old scientist who regrets living so long, how to cut off a penis, and Daily's crush on Amy Grant.

ep 209. "The circumference"

There's an abnormal amount of dick talk in this one, even for us. We discuss Avenger sex toys, Bill Cosby's conviction, Daily's sad strip club experience, the hottest Friend, and a transplanted dead man's dick.

ep 208. "cahoots and tiddies"

You're not the only one who likes tiddies. We discuss Super Troopers 2, Producer Dave's man date at a hockey game, the anniversary of the boston bombing and Dev's biggest mistake, Daily's top ten sneakers, and a man who blames painkillers for his homosexuality.

ep 207. "being fat and goodbye backpage"

Goodbye Backpage, we hardly knew you. Except for Daily who knew you pretty damn well. We discuss how fat we are, drugs you can really drink while on, the girls with those daisy dukes on, Backpage getting shut down, Macho Man's rap song, and synthetic weed that makes your eyes bleed,

ep 206. "eskimo cousins and world war iii"

Daily's all in on the fake moon landing. We discuss Dabney Coleman's status, car crashes, female driven movie reboots, world wars past and forthcoming, Africa splitting in half, live action tentacle porn, and kids snorting condoms.