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ep 232. “huevos rancheros and christmas movies”

Daily is un-metooable. We discuss our go to Christmas movies, Quentin Tarantino movies, Halloween, George Bush Sr's me too, Starbucks banning porn, and a guy who got busted shoplifting at his interview for the same store.

ep 231. “selling kids and turkey gobblers”

Seriously, is there anyone better than Michael Rapaport? We discuss Thanksgiving, Daily's lost turkey gobbler sandwich, families selling their children for water, a local murder case, a woman cooked and fed her husband to people, Michael Rapaport's greatness, and a Home Depot monkey attack.

ep 230. “stan lee sex challenge”

Daily doesn't want to stand for the National Anthem, but only because it's a long song. We discuss the California fires, fake snuff porn, Skinny Legs Tommy's choice of facial hair, another minority/cop shooting, why Tesla's seem douchey, and a sex competition we're having with a recently deceased celebrity.

ep 229. “farting while naked”

Be careful when you're powdering your toes. We discuss Red Dead Redemption 2, a video game afterlife, indifference towards mass shootings, Daily's online dating plan, a husband who was stabbed with a squirrel, a guy who wants to legally change his age to get tinder dates, and making life's big decisions.

ep 228. “miss holocaust survivor”

Would you do it? You know, that thing on the elevator? We discuss Making a Murderer 2, the Joe Rogan crew of comedians, a Miss Holocaust Survivor pageant, sex in the military, Producer Dave's butt finding finger, and the infamous Cleveland Indians' ten cent beer night.

ep 227. “I do no sex”

Have you ever really looked at a vagina on acid? We discuss body pains, acid experiences, crazy Kanye, a woman who does no sex, The Connors, and a student who fed her grandfather's ashes to her classmates.

ep 226. “bomb vests and sex robots”

I'm pretty sure we've already used this name for an episode but I'm too lazy to check. We discuss the phrase "comin' in hot", putting on a bomb vest, crazy Kanye in the oval office, secret Nazis, Banksy's shredded painting, a sex doll brothel, strange state laws, and a child who ate crack.

ep 225. “life is sh!t”

Ok we're back with a new one from Daily studios. We discuss how much Venom sucked, the greatest MMA fighter ever, The Dead Milkmen, LIndsay Lohan trying to steal children, proof that 2Pac is still alive, and how we'd like to die.

ep 224. “Roofies and panty lick condoms”

We're back from our little break and Daily has a new idea for sexual protection products. We discuss how everyone is a real estate agent, Daily becoming the next Unibomber, Batman's penis, cheating in relationships, getting roofied, how Dev stole the chorus of a porn theme song, and Daily's Panty Lick Condoms*.

*Patent Pending


ep 223. "allstar and the roof of your mouth"

Daily is treating his low T with 7/11 taquitos. We discuss carbs and depression, foods that destroy the roof of your mouth, the art of cunnilingus, Smashmouth's Allstar, the other side of #Metoo, and a bunch of gross people doing gross sex stuff.