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ep 241. “f the kids”

Daily is 2 Fast 2 Furious and no one's rims are safe. We discuss Daily messing up his friend's new car, how quick In Living Color would get me too'd if it were around today, Hawaii proposing to drastically raise the legal age to buy cigarettes, how bad kids have it now, the left vs right mindset, a man who fought a mountain lion and won, and a Florida couple that turned their trailer into a herion drive thru.

ep 240. “krokodil and fixing the oscars”

When you think about it, we're all just dude bros at a Wu-Tang show. We discuss weird dreams, how the Oscars should honor popular but not necessarily good movies, women's obsession with Ted Bundy, Producer Dave at a Wu-Tang show, the best Metallica song, Daily's friend's rest stop suicide, krokodil, funeral strippers, and a Florida family murdered over a cam girl.

ep 239. “gender pronouns and bobbing for apples”

Has anyone ever actually bobbed for apples? We discuss people who want to be referred to by "they", defunct car companies, a skinny legged call in, a man who proposed to the woman who stabbed him thirteen times, and Grand Puba.

ep 238. “mosh pits and premature ejaculation”

Buncha Dr. Joyce Brothers's over here. We discuss Producer Dave's fondness of cross dressers' packages, Daily's war with the illegal day care in the apartment upstairs, celebrities' deformities, Surviving R Kelly, slam dancing, and how to last longer in bed.

ep 237. “solitary bathroom confinement”

Let's all turn gay for a month. We discuss becoming middle aged, if men or women cheat more, Logan Paul's gay month, a poker player who took a bet to stay in a dark bathroom for a month, a woman in vegetative state who mysteriously became pregnant, and a guy with syringes in his butt.

ep 236. “daily and denzel”

Saying goodbye to your horse is hard. We discuss the recent celebrity deaths, offensive characters in movies and television, the Baldwins, Daily meeting Denzel Washington, and a old school discrimination by way of Nikelodeon.

ep 235. “tickly feeling”

Happy New Year! We discuss dad jokes, Daves' opinion on Buster Scruggs, Nicholas Cage in Mandy, bad accents in movies, a Kennedy/Michael Jordan sex bet, a creepy old educational sex book, Dev's hidden conservatism, and a couple penis biters.

ep 234. “the future is now”

Merry Christmas everyone! We discuss a Sammy Davis Jr. Alka-Seltzer commercial, wearing jerseys, science being able to shrink stuff Honey I Shrunk the Kids style, Dev's review of Venom, feeling like we're finally living in the future, and a teacher that went insane.


ep 233. “all-o-gistics and pee drinkin’ goats”

No, ALL! We discuss steel drum appreciation, Dev's mega celebrity sighting, the All-O-Gistics, Daily getting Facebook dissed, popular movies we've never seen, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Adam Driver's best scene, japanimation vs anime, a woman divorcing her ghost husband, a guy really upset over a breakfast sandwich, mountain goats that drink human urine, and a toddler biting Florida man.

ep 232. “huevos rancheros and christmas movies”

Daily is un-metooable. We discuss our go to Christmas movies, Quentin Tarantino movies, Halloween, George Bush Sr's me too, Starbucks banning porn, and a guy who got busted shoplifting at his interview for the same store.