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ep 226. “bomb vests and sex robots”

I'm pretty sure we've already used this name for an episode but I'm too lazy to check. We discuss the phrase "comin' in hot", putting on a bomb vest, crazy Kanye in the oval office, secret Nazis, Banksy's shredded painting, a sex doll brothel, strange state laws, and a child who ate crack.

ep 225. “life is sh!t”

Ok we're back with a new one from Daily studios. We discuss how much Venom sucked, the greatest MMA fighter ever, The Dead Milkmen, LIndsay Lohan trying to steal children, proof that 2Pac is still alive, and how we'd like to die.

ep 224. “Roofies and panty lick condoms”

We're back from our little break and Daily has a new idea for sexual protection products. We discuss how everyone is a real estate agent, Daily becoming the next Unibomber, Batman's penis, cheating in relationships, getting roofied, how Dev stole the chorus of a porn theme song, and Daily's Panty Lick Condoms*.

*Patent Pending


ep 223. "allstar and the roof of your mouth"

Daily is treating his low T with 7/11 taquitos. We discuss carbs and depression, foods that destroy the roof of your mouth, the art of cunnilingus, Smashmouth's Allstar, the other side of #Metoo, and a bunch of gross people doing gross sex stuff.

ep 222. "bigfoot porn and face replacements"

There's nothing better than a tow truck towing a tow truck. We discuss deleting Facebook, Tom Cruise vs Wilford Brimley, Bigfoot porn, a racist police database, a girl who shot her face off, women's perception of men, and man whose penis fell off.

ep 221. "spice girls and vagina beer"

Spice up your life. We discuss what Spice Girl we would want to spend time with, a TMNT party, breaking up with tv shows, bang marry kill tv casts, vagina beer, Phishigan, and a girl who bangs ghosts.

ep 22o. "meat sweats and a serial pooper"

Is anyone still listening to this? We discuss Daily and Producer Dave eating way too much meat, cheese balls, singles vs albums, Nebraska, a very bad Devin, thinking you're having a heart attack, a serial pooper, and a Florida man's DWI loophole.

ep 219. "world's biggest cover band and marijuana documents"

Producer Dave has a patriotic angel voice. We discuss Weezer's new direction as a cover band, popular band shirts, Pavement's Cut Your Hair, a man who snuck weed into jails by turning it into fake legal documents, legalizing it all, a woman who drinks dog pee.

ep 218. "terminal velocity and vampire sex"

What would Daily bang if he was a vampire? We play some songs then discuss words that aren't acceptable anymore, Zac Efron's cultural appropriation, if a bullet falling from the sky can kill you, a murdering mom, what your sexual partners would be after 900 years, and a man lobbying for legal hand jobs.

ep 217. "hold on loosely"

Daily's thermostat stays set on one specific temperature. We discuss Dev's pillow talk, a new Instagram fad, our pathetic phone messages, Chicago, 4th of July firework injuries, and a drugged up firefly shooting couple.