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ep 236. “daily and denzel”

Saying goodbye to your horse is hard. We discuss the recent celebrity deaths, offensive characters in movies and television, the Baldwins, Daily meeting Denzel Washington, and a old school discrimination by way of Nikelodeon.

ep 235. “tickly feeling”

Happy New Year! We discuss dad jokes, Daves' opinion on Buster Scruggs, Nicholas Cage in Mandy, bad accents in movies, a Kennedy/Michael Jordan sex bet, a creepy old educational sex book, Dev's hidden conservatism, and a couple penis biters.

ep 234. “the future is now”

Merry Christmas everyone! We discuss a Sammy Davis Jr. Alka-Seltzer commercial, wearing jerseys, science being able to shrink stuff Honey I Shrunk the Kids style, Dev's review of Venom, feeling like we're finally living in the future, and a teacher that went insane.


ep 233. “all-o-gistics and pee drinkin’ goats”

No, ALL! We discuss steel drum appreciation, Dev's mega celebrity sighting, the All-O-Gistics, Daily getting Facebook dissed, popular movies we've never seen, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Adam Driver's best scene, japanimation vs anime, a woman divorcing her ghost husband, a guy really upset over a breakfast sandwich, mountain goats that drink human urine, and a toddler biting Florida man.

ep 232. “huevos rancheros and christmas movies”

Daily is un-metooable. We discuss our go to Christmas movies, Quentin Tarantino movies, Halloween, George Bush Sr's me too, Starbucks banning porn, and a guy who got busted shoplifting at his interview for the same store.

ep 231. “selling kids and turkey gobblers”

Seriously, is there anyone better than Michael Rapaport? We discuss Thanksgiving, Daily's lost turkey gobbler sandwich, families selling their children for water, a local murder case, a woman cooked and fed her husband to people, Michael Rapaport's greatness, and a Home Depot monkey attack.

ep 230. “stan lee sex challenge”

Daily doesn't want to stand for the National Anthem, but only because it's a long song. We discuss the California fires, fake snuff porn, Skinny Legs Tommy's choice of facial hair, another minority/cop shooting, why Tesla's seem douchey, and a sex competition we're having with a recently deceased celebrity.

ep 229. “farting while naked”

Be careful when you're powdering your toes. We discuss Red Dead Redemption 2, a video game afterlife, indifference towards mass shootings, Daily's online dating plan, a husband who was stabbed with a squirrel, a guy who wants to legally change his age to get tinder dates, and making life's big decisions.

ep 228. “miss holocaust survivor”

Would you do it? You know, that thing on the elevator? We discuss Making a Murderer 2, the Joe Rogan crew of comedians, a Miss Holocaust Survivor pageant, sex in the military, Producer Dave's butt finding finger, and the infamous Cleveland Indians' ten cent beer night.

ep 227. “I do no sex”

Have you ever really looked at a vagina on acid? We discuss body pains, acid experiences, crazy Kanye, a woman who does no sex, The Connors, and a student who fed her grandfather's ashes to her classmates.