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ep 146. "parisia and ogtha the cockroach"

Dev just figured out that Parisian means from Paris. We discuss John Wick 2, the death of John Smith, Dev geographical stupidity, the Stonewall riots, racial sensitivity, a man who fantasizes about having sex with a giant roach named Ogtha, a fitness model who was killed by a whipped cream dispenser, and a Florida man who legally can't order pizza anymore.

EP 145. "we get serious, kinda"

Producer Dave learns the word "paduss". We discuss trying to get Daily laid, very special 80's sitcom episodes, the first Mercedes, one half of Oscar from Ghostbusters 2 dying, impostor syndrome, dealing with depression, Carrie Fisher's autopsy, more of Dev's wedding drunkenness, and a man who found the will to live in Mexico.

ep 144. "mozz stick jenga and pegging compromises"

Producer Dave watched Dev drink for 16 hours. We discuss Producer Dave not participating in the world's longest Hora dance, a mozzarella stick Jenga game Dev invented while drunk, Daniel Day Lewis retiring, how sharks are bitches, Daily's Sean Young love, what Sugar Ray's Every Morning is really about, what it would take to get pegged, jam bands, and a Florida man fleeing a car accident naked.

ep 143. "call an oates"

Private eyes are watching you. We discuss a Hall and Oates hotline, the most attractive Chris, intentionally bad movies, the first ever car race, a company that is experimenting with bringing the dead back to life, Daily killing Dev, a man who used a dick pic to prove his innocence in a murder trial, and a really bad Florida dad.

ep 142. "hey! you're part of it."

Hey! You're part of it. We discuss our overuse of sound effects, vintage porn, recreating pictures, burning witches, 2 Live Crew, The Sopranos, and a new "That You Daily?"

ep 141. "that you daily?"

We missed Tuesday's episode because Dev has the plague so we're squeezing a quick one in before Saturday. We discuss Dev and Producer Dave's Boston trip, a study on sending nudes, and our new game show "That You Daily?".

EP 140. "sex, lies, and videotapes pt 2. this time it's daily"

We're trying to put the blurry pieces of our drinking show together. We discuss what little we remember of our 40's and Mad Dog show, Twin Peaks giving producer Dave weird dreams, a man who lit himself on fire smoking crack in a hospital, a dude who stole a Jenna Jameson sex doll, women with facial hair, Producer Dave getting into an argument with a homeless guy, and Daily making a hooker watch his personal sex tapes.

ep 139. "40's and Mad dog"

We drink 40's and Mad Dog.

EP 138. "selfie deaths and smell dating"

Daily hit a girl with a billy club once, but it was in Florida so... We discuss a very weird ice cream taster, Producer Dave's Jewish name, breakup songs, Producer Dave's love of skanky girls, Daily attacking a girl with a billy club, selfie related deaths, Smell Dating, what sense we would give up, and grossest canned foods.

ep 137. "Fleshlightsabers"

Dev's been unintentionally ghosting Producer Dave and Daily since he's been back from his trip. We discuss a $400 lightsaber Daily purchased, Dev's new apartment, Producer Dave's Mom and Dev's dog having the same name, hot people calling themselves nerds, Dev experiencing a Furry gathering while on a pot edible, Daily crying while stuck on a mountain, Chris Cornell's death, a 5 year old mother, romphims, an 18% black guy, and a guy who stopped traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel to masturbate.