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ep 207. "being fat and goodbye backpage"

Goodbye Backpage, we hardly knew you. Except for Daily who knew you pretty damn well. We discuss how fat we are, drugs you can really drink while on, the girls with those daisy dukes on, Backpage getting shut down, Macho Man's rap song, and synthetic weed that makes your eyes bleed,

ep 206. "eskimo cousins and world war iii"

Daily's all in on the fake moon landing. We discuss Dabney Coleman's status, car crashes, female driven movie reboots, world wars past and forthcoming, Africa splitting in half, live action tentacle porn, and kids snorting condoms.

ep 205. "Daily conspiracies"

It's the first ever Dev and Daily show. We discuss debt, if WWIII is inevitable, the anniversary of the Reagan assassination attempt, Daily's conspiracies, upcoming unnecessary movie sequels, and a lewd naked man on an airplane.

ep 204. "the sexiest and creepiest occupations"

Daily was napping, then he wasn't napping, now he's here. We discuss Annihilation, occupations with the hottest women, occupations with the creepiest men, molesty game show hosts, boners, Shamps the clown, and a smelly police interrogation.


ep 203. "mock turtle necks and sexy authors"

Dev can't wrap his mind around mock turtle necks. We discuss old school fashion choices, an old AHi5 interview with Biggie Smalls, Jenna Jameson's new face, how accurate our Oscars predictions were, sexy authors, and the updated Jabba the Hutt song.

ep 202. "weed and theme songs"

Two things, way too much marijuana and Dev nails the Rescue Rangers's theme.

ep 201. "blow working and skinny legs tommy gets stabbed"

This episode gets a little stabby. We discuss the new NRA and their tote bag, a man whose rectum fell out, Skinny Legs Tommy's stabbing story, cuckold haiku, a trifecta of Daily Grinds, and Dev's review of Star Wars The Last Jedi.

ep 200. "200 and dental dams"

200 episodes of this bullsh@t?! We discuss a bunch of depressing stuff that has to do with the number 200, the ol' compact disc days, unibrows, Dev's embarrassing NES defeat, and old contraceptives no one uses anymore.

ep 199. "stardust and beets"

When was the shoe invented? Apparently know one knows. We discuss the shocking things eating beets does to your body, being stoned and delusional, meeting people you've already stalked online, the new Amazon store, a Publix stabbing, and an clumsy lawyer from the 1800's.

ep 198. "horse poo eaters and piggyback bandits"

Stab Sidney Stab! We discuss Dev's three day long panic attack, Producer Dave's creepy pizza delivery, a surprise contender for movie of the year, a NJ insurance company's risque Super Bowl commercials, a poop eating Philly man, a disgraced Glee actor, shady politicians, a serial piggybacker, and Daily's recommended Youtube clip you can watch here.