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EP 135. "biting off thumbs and the cum box"

Dev isn't convinced that biting someone's thumb off is possible. We discuss eating raw meat, the plural of the word beef, malt liquor and cheap wine from the 90's, our mom's beating us up, the possibility of biting through someone's thumb, an taco sauce fueled attack, Producer Dave hiking in Utah, the Fyre Festival disaster, and a shoe box filled with cum.

ep 134. "Jealous trolls and horrid specters"

Producer Dave has high standards for the show and is crackin' the whip. We discuss RTG's old Things I Hate bits, strip club stories, Producer Dave's disappointment in Daily's performance lately, miscellaneous boobs in 80's movies, trolls who hate on Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, Canada's pending weed legalization, Dev's new dildo knowledge, and a man who tried to trade an alligator for beer (guess where).

ep 133. "Tinctures and the church of devin"

There's dogs in AHi5 studios and we have a specific phrase from Silence of the Lambs stuck in our head. We discuss Snoop Dogg's large nuts, a crazy hick Dev used to hang with, a weed tincture Producer Dave and Daily enjoyed, the origin of 420, a chinchilla Dev hated, Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction, a Ted Nugent instructional video, and what churches we started would be like.

ep 132. "the effects of addiction and other bullshit"

Dev's down after a run in with RTG. We discuss a the show on Wednesday that couldn't be aired, the United airlines beating, a fake shooting in Penn Station, a really expensive McDonald's sauce, a football coach that stuck his dick in a hotdog bun, and a weak ass bank robber.

ep 131. "stolen riffs and microsoft songsmith"

AHi5 studios has 3 lava lamps now. We discuss hating bands, ranking the Wu Tang solo albums, bands that steal other bands' riffs, Microsoft Soundsmith, Kurt Cobain's suicide, hating popular bands, and a bunch of new emojis

EP 130. "dev drinks too much"

Dev's alone and worried about his drinking. He discusses meditation, how people behave in Penn Station, and forgetting an important moment because he was blackout drunk

ep 129. "dev's gypsy family and daily's dropkicks"

Tension is running high in AHi5 studios. We discuss Producer Dave and Daily's pre show argument, pornography poisoning our minds, how Penthouse forums were the original catfish, Daily drop kicking people during a brawl, the great Bound Brook flood of '98, learning about drugs in school, Producer Dave thinking Dev and his family were gypsys, and a man who died after winning a cockroach eating contest. 

EP 128. "Dev's addicition"

Dev's alone and is missing his best friend. He discusses being frustrated with RTG's disappearance, recognizing signs of addiction in a fairly common activity, and a musical send off for a space traveling dog.

ep 127. "dick pics and laika the cosmonaut dog"

A dog orbited the earth and Dev loves that. We discuss Dev getting Tinder dick pics at a bar, Chuck Berry's death, a senior citizen attacking squirrel, an earth orbiting dog that Dev is in love with, and John and Yoko.

ep 126. "dev's black and daily's birthday sex machine"

Dev's went to Florida and found out he's black. We discuss Dev's vacation, Dev finding out he's black, Daily's multiple personalities, being uncomfortable around 9, John McAfee's main fetish, keeping your cool around celebrities, and a fuck machine Daily wants to buy.