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ep 250. “body double boobs and drinking ‘til you cry”

The boys are back together and nobody cares. We discuss being faked out by body double boobs, sneaking marijuana on planes, drunk crying, old school Drew Barrymore, movie part 4's, and a Florida man who terrorized a trailer park.

ep 249. “daily dreams and social anxiety”

Dev and Daily have a magical evening while Producer Dave is out jet setting. We discuss Dev finally giving in and watching Game of Thrones, not being able to remember the plot of Trainspotting, 420, people worried about peeing during the new Avengers, dreams, not being comfortable around other people, movie dicks, and a Florida man's army of turtles.

ep 248. “j.o. death grip and super powers”

My bad, my blunder, I just want you to know that.. you really are my best fwennnn! We discuss the genius of Jody Hill, the wrong way to masturbate, the effects of easily available porn on the younger generation, a Japanese sex shortage, a woman in Dubai arrested for an old Facebook post, and what our super powers would be.

ep 247. “best cover songs and tijuana hookers”

What's your favorite cover song, or your favorite Mexican hooker? Let us know! Actually don't. We discuss when Dev and Daily first met, Kevin Smith films, the best cover songs, best sketch comedy skits, and Daily's adventure with a Tijuana prostitute.

ep 246. “an intimate evening with devin”

Daily is missing so Producer Dave decides to get to know Devin a little better in a Reality and Chex Mix style interview. But first we talk about drugs and pooping your pants.

ep 245. “birthdays and aneurysms”

In true AHi5 fashion, we celebrate Daily's 44th birthday with a in depth conversation about death. We discuss fingers in butts, Dev's crazy Courtney Love story, how women have it easier after breakups, aneurysms, movie sex scenes that could be real, and the Florida man generator.

ep 244. “callbacks and end of life robots”

I don't know there's sex with robots talk in this one too. We discuss 80's toys, the Challenger explosion, bedside end of life robots, which Friends we'd get with, a movie list to tell you how gay you are, and a woman who shot her boyfriend for snoring too loudly.


ep 243. “best war films and all these pedo musicians”

Sorry it took so long. We discuss weed panic attacks, Producer Dave's Mexico foam party, a humpback whale found in the Amazon jungle, Tilda Swinton, war movies, that whole Michael Jackson thing, recent celebrity deaths, and a chicken assault.

ep 242. “abducted in plain sight and lorena”

There's a bunch of creepy documentaries out right now. We discuss getting back in shape, Lorena, Abducted in Plain Sight, Scientology, and a illegal medicine practicin' cop shootin' Florida mayor

ep 241. “f the kids”

Daily is 2 Fast 2 Furious and no one's rims are safe. We discuss Daily messing up his friend's new car, how quick In Living Color would get me too'd if it were around today, Hawaii proposing to drastically raise the legal age to buy cigarettes, how bad kids have it now, the left vs right mindset, a man who fought a mountain lion and won, and a Florida couple that turned their trailer into a herion drive thru.