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ep 221. "spice girls and vagina beer"

Spice up your life. We discuss what Spice Girl we would want to spend time with, a TMNT party, breaking up with tv shows, bang marry kill tv casts, vagina beer, Phishigan, and a girl who bangs ghosts.

ep 22o. "meat sweats and a serial pooper"

Is anyone still listening to this? We discuss Daily and Producer Dave eating way too much meat, cheese balls, singles vs albums, Nebraska, a very bad Devin, thinking you're having a heart attack, a serial pooper, and a Florida man's DWI loophole.

ep 219. "world's biggest cover band and marijuana documents"

Producer Dave has a patriotic angel voice. We discuss Weezer's new direction as a cover band, popular band shirts, Pavement's Cut Your Hair, a man who snuck weed into jails by turning it into fake legal documents, legalizing it all, a woman who drinks dog pee.

ep 218. "terminal velocity and vampire sex"

What would Daily bang if he was a vampire? We play some songs then discuss words that aren't acceptable anymore, Zac Efron's cultural appropriation, if a bullet falling from the sky can kill you, a murdering mom, what your sexual partners would be after 900 years, and a man lobbying for legal hand jobs.

ep 217. "hold on loosely"

Daily's thermostat stays set on one specific temperature. We discuss Dev's pillow talk, a new Instagram fad, our pathetic phone messages, Chicago, 4th of July firework injuries, and a drugged up firefly shooting couple.

ep 216. "growing up and miscolored genitals"

What other podcast talks about reupholstered doors? None that's how many! We discuss if there's such a thing as growing up, the uncomfortability of Marge Simpson's Playboy pics, Producer Dave's obsession with a miscolored penis, Neil Armstrong's fake moon dust, and the world's most expensive joint.

ep 215. "beepers and leg tacos"

The Judgement Night soundtrack isn't as good as you remember. We discuss a building scaling raccoon, great comedians who never made a great movie, Sir Mix A Lot's Beepers, old answering machine messages, the newest sexual predator Jamie Foxx, and a guy who fed his friends tacos made out of his own leg meat.

ep 214. "juggalo 7"

Yeah, we're still doing shows. We discuss Elisabeth Shue, being bad at relationships, celebrity suicides, how Daily will die, why famous crazy people shouldn't have Twitter, and the best Quentin Tarantino film.


ep 213. "free nails"

I guess the sexual predator gang needed a narrator. We discuss Evil Genius, Lenny Dykstra pulling a gun on an Uber driver, Morgan Freeman's allegations, a vagina potato, and a woman who served her ex to her neighbors at a bbq

ep 212. "public pooping and dust off"

Daily's Amy Grant obsession continues. We discuss if Black Panther was over-hyped, A poop throwing Canadian, a lottery winner getting revenge on his ex-boss, bandwagon jumpers, 24k gold chicken wings, if octopuses are aliens, huffing Dust Off, and a gun wielding grocery shopper.