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ep 174. "brother daily and embarrassing szechuan sauce"

Producer Dave is about to catch a beatdown. We discuss Daily's personal Halloween, tales of the young Daily brothers, veganism, a man who lived with his dead relatives for over a year, a real killer clown, Harvey Weinstein, and this whole embarrassing szechuan sauce thing.

ep 173. "producer dave's beeves and star system"

Producer Dave got beeves with shit. We discuss Dev and Producer Dave's strange day in the city, Dev's stroke talk, Producer Dave's new weight loss system, Producer Dave's list of beeves, a racist soap advertisement, a man who fell in to a deep fryer, and an erection caused by plastic surgery.

ep 172. "hood films and weird stuff people do while alone"

Producer Dave has a thing for Grandma's and CD's. We discuss our favorite hood films, that McDonald's song from the 80's, kids' names, a fast food drug operation, and the things you do when no one else is around.

ep 171. "petty, guns, and"

Blippidy-do. We discuss watching tv as a couple, Tom Petty's death, the Vegas shooting, both sides of gun control, Sputnik, a 27 club conspiracy, OJ getting out of prison, a Russian cannibal couple, and woman who beat her boyfriend up after being denied sex.

ep 170. "i f'n can't read and hymens (just trying it again)

Daily fucking can't read. We discuss anglophiles, a new Daily psa, Dev becoming a vegetarian again, our birthday Playboy covers, Avril Lavigne being the most dangerous google search, a prostitute that charges chicken nuggets for sex, and liquidated semen.

ep 169. "taking a knee, Kanas$tah klub, and death scenes"

Daily just wants someone to buy him a hooker. We discuss the new club we invented, driving on acid, divine intervention before getting arrested, the taking a knee controversy, death scenes in movies that stuck with us, B.o.B's flat earth GoFundMe, fingering your belly button, and a naked masturbating driver.

ep 168. "dotards and yo sperm results"

Producer Dave's phone has been in some sticky situations today. We discuss proposing to people, a tree falling the the woods, Dev's near death experience, Kim Jong Un's dotard remark, anal beads, and our Yo Sperm test results.

ep 167. "flat earth and favril"

It's been 2 years since AHi5 started and no one noticed but Daily. We discuss choosing not to vote, Baby Driver, 90's nostalgia, an Avril Lavigne death theory, violence over garlic knots, a clown mask wearing dad, and drunk lonely breaking and entering.

ep 166. "dev's diagnosis and billionaire vampires"

Daily's job is in jeopardy. We discuss using soundboards to talk to women, Dev's diagnosis, people talking in movie theaters, fake news, billionaires who want to use young people's blood to stay alive, parents who flew overseas to help beat their son's wife, and a Donald Trump shaped ecstasy raid.

ep 165. "daily returns and clitoral stimulation"

Daily's back from saving racist statues. We discuss overprotective dads, Daily's Kentucky trip, the Seinfeld Effect, clitoral stimulation, and an Australian artist who is growing an ear on his arm.